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Aktuelle HSR veröffentlicht: Challenged Elites – Elites as Challengers

| Kategorien: GESIS-News

HSR Vol. 43 (2018) No. 4: Special Issue: Challenged Elites – Elites as Challengers. The Impact of Civil Activism, Populism and the Economic Crisis on Elite Structures, Orientations and Agendas (ed. Heinrich Best, Ursula Hoffmann-Lange, Hans-Dieter Klingemann & Peter Rutland)

This special issue of Historical Social Research explores new territories of elite theory and research by presenting recent and ongoing debates in this field. The themes linking the contributions are the increasingly challenged status of elites under the premises of globalization, what their own contribution is to eliciting these challenges, and what their responses are to them. A special focus is the crucial importance of citizens in today´s democracies and its impact on elite-citizen relations.


Kategorien: GESIS-News