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Ein probabilistisches Mixed-Mode Panel für die Sozialwissenschaften

Call for Submission

Inflation, rising energy prices, war in Ukraine, climate crisis – those are just some of the issues that are moving the German population. Your research interest lies in these fields, and you are lacking empirical data? We invite you to submit your research to the GESIS Panel to conduct a population survey in Germany free of charge.

The GESIS Panel offers researchers the opportunity to collect longitudinal and cross-sectional data in a mixed-mode (online and postal mail) panel. We offer high data quality through intensive panel management. The probabilistic sample consists of about 5,000 respondents who are interviewed every three months on a wide variety of topics.

Academic researchers are welcome to submit a Short Submission. Please consider submitting a survey with one minute survey time. That means:

  • Five short single-choice questions or 
  • Three multiple-choice questions with a maximum of seven items or 
  • Two open-ended questions 

Please fill out our Short Submission Form (522 kB). Your survey can be fielded in one or more waves. Submissions will undergo a timely internal review process.

The deadlines for the submissions are:

  • October 23 for the (first, in case of multiple waves) wave fielded from February 22 until April 18, 2023
  • February 19 for the wave fielded from May 24 until July 18, 2023

Your research needs more than one minute survey time? Please feel invited to submit a Regular Submission at any time. This gives you the opportunity of a longer questionnaire with up to 5 minutes survey time and to conduct survey experiments with up to 4 experimental groups. Regular submissions will undergo an external review and the fielding time is determined after positive review.

When working with GESIS Panel data, you also have access to all data from previous GESIS Panel waves, including the longitudinal demographic variables.

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals via email: info(at)gesis-panel(dot)org.