Update of EB79.5 and EB81.3

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Eurobarometer 79.5 (ZA5875, June 2013)

Special Eurobarometer 

Archive edition update, v2.1.0


Carried out by TNS OPINION (BRUSSELS), on request of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, Directorate-General for Communication, Public Opinion Monitoring Unit and EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Directorate-General Communication (COMM.A.2. ´Research and Speechwriting´), between June 07 and 23, 2013. 

Topics: European Parliament Eurobarometer ("Parlemeter") (QP)

  • Dataset version v2-1-0 has been corrected for the definition of standard missing value codes, which have erroneously not been declared in dataset v2-0-0. The current variable report replaces the initial variable report 2017|4.


Eurobarometer 81.3 (ZA5914, April-May 2014)

Special Eurobarometer 

Archive edition, v3.0.0


Carried out by TNS opinion (BRUSSELS), on request of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION (COMM.A.1 ´Strategy, Corporate Communication Actions and Eurobarometer´), between April 26 and May 11, 2014.


  • Attitudes of European citizens towards the environment (QA)

  • Skills and qualifications in the EU  (QB)

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