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Gerhard Botz: Neueste Geschichte zwischen Quantifizierung und „Mündlicher Geschichte“: Überlegungen zur Konstituierung einer sozialwissenschaftlichen Zeitgeschichte von neuen Quellen und Methoden her [1978/1988] [Abstract]

This article reflects the new focus of historiography between quantification and Oral History. Based on theoretical debates, it is shown how historiography is changing in context of new research fields, new topics, methods, sources and theoretical standpoints. Thus, this all can be understood as paradigm shift in historical research. The author focuses on methodology and historical sources, including its constituent issues and research questions. First, it should be asked what kind of impact technical innovations have on historiographical practice. Second, two practical “cornerstones of historiography” are presented: quantification and Oral History. They can be understood as opposite poles complementing each other in research practice in a fruitful way.

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