Historical Social Research

42.3 - Critique & Social Change

Special Issue: Critique & Social Change.
  • Thomas Kern, Thomas Laux & Insa Pruisken: Critique and Social Change: An Introduction. [Abstract]
  • Frank Adloff & Larissa Pfaller: Critique in statu nascendi? The Reluctance towards Organ Donation. [Abstract]
  • Christine Schwarz: Going Underground: Merging Collaboration with Micro-Resistance. [Abstract]
  • Patrick Sachweh: Criticizing Inequality? How Ideals of Equality Do – and Do Not – Contribute to the De-Legitimation of Inequality in Contemporary Germany. [Abstract]
  • Rainer Diaz‐Bone: Discourses, Conventions, and Critique – Perspectives of the Institutionalist Approach of the Economics of Convention. [Abstract]
  • Laura Centemeri: From Public Participation to Place-Based Resistance. Environmental Critique and Modes of Valuation in the Struggles against the Expansion of the Malpensa Airport[Abstract]
  • Sascha Münnich: Outside Powers: The Moral Economy of Anti-Financial Movements 1870-1930 and Today[Abstract]
  • Philip Wallmeier: Exit as Critique. Communes and Intentional Communities in the 1960s and Today[Abstract]
  • Isabel KuscheThe Accusation of Clientelism: On the Interplay between Social Science, Mass Media, and Politics in the Critique of Irish Democracy. [Abstract]
  • Henrik Dosdall & Byron Z. Rom-Jensen: Letting Lehman Go: Critique, Social Change, and the Demise of Lehman Brothers[Abstract]
  • Insa PruiskenInstitutional Logics and Critique in German Academic Science Studying the Merger of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. [Abstract]
  • Thomas Kern & Thomas Laux: Revolution or Negotiated Regime Change? Structural Dynamics in the Process of Democratization. The Case of South Korea in the 1980s. [Abstract]

Forum:  Community Transformation in Asian Societies.
  • Fumyia Onaka: Community Transformation in Asian Societies. An Introduction[Abstract]
  • Buapun Promphakping: Well-Being of Returning Migrants in the Rural Northeast of Thailand: Process Oriented Methodology. [Abstract]
  • Taro Hirai: Legitimacy or Legitimation? Intensive Analysis of Informal Decision-Making Processes of Disaster Response after 3.11 Earthquake. [Abstract]
  • Noriyuki Suzuki: The Formation Process for Civil Society in Northeast Thailand: A Social Research Case Study of Two Villages. [Abstract]
  • Thanapauge Chamaratana, Dusadee Ayuwat & Oranutda Chinnasri: Social Mobility Springboard: Occupational Prestige of Thai Labour Brokers. [Abstract]
  • Mohd Amar Aziz, Noor Hadzlida Ayob & Kamaruddin Abdulsomad: Restructuring Foreign Worker Policy and Community Transformation in Malaysia. [Abstract]

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