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  • 42.4 - Changing Power Relations and the Drag Effects of Habitus

42.4 - Changing Power Relations & the Drag Effects of Habitus

Special Issue: Changing Power Relations and the Drag Effects of Habitus:
  • Stefanie Ernst, Christoph Weischer & Behrouz Alikhani: Changing Power Relations and the Drag Effects of Habitus. Theoretical and Empirical Approaches in the Twenty-First Century. An Introduction. [Abstract]
Methodological and Theoretical Approaches
  • Nico Wilterdink: The Dynamics of Inequality and Habitus Formation. Elias, Bourdieu, and the Rise of Nationalist Populism. [Abstract]
  • Nina Baur: Process-Oriented Micro-Macro-Analysis. Methodological Reflections on Elias and Bourdieu. [Abstract]
  • Sandra Matthäus: Towards the Role of Self, Worth, and Feelings in (Re-)Producing Social Dominance. Explicating Pierre Bourdieu's Implicit Theory of Affect. [Abstract]
Work and Globalisation
  • Guido Becke: The Subjectivation of Work and Established-Outsider Figurations. [Abstract]
  • Bernd Sommer: Externalisation, Globalised Value Chains and the Invisible Consequences of Social Actions[Abstract]
Social Conflicts, Immigration, and Democratisation
  • Inken Rommel: “We Are the People.” Refugee-’Crisis,’ and the Drag-Effects of Social Habitus in German Society[Abstract]
  • John Connolly & Paddy Dolan: Habitus, the Writings of Irish Hunger Strikers and Elias’s The Loneliness of the Dying[Abstract]
  • Stephen Vertigans: Death by ‘African’ Democracy. Killing Consequences of Western Power Prognosis[Abstract]
  • Behrouz Alikhani: Post-Democracy or Processes of De-Democratization? United States Case Study[Abstract]
  • Norman Gabriel: Growing Up in Society. A Historical Social Psychology of Childhood. [Abstract]
  • Florence Delmotte, Heidi Mercenier & Virginie Van Ingelgom: Belonging and Indifference to Europe. A Study of Young People in Brussels. [Abstract]

Mixed Issue:
  • Nathalie Bulle: Educating “Modern Mind” in the Light of the Evolution of Western Educational Thought. [Abstract]
  • Günter Mey & Marc Dietrich: From Text to Image – Shaping a Visual Grounded Theory Methodology. [Abstract]
  • Reiner Keller & Angelika Poferl: Soziologische Wissenskulturen zwischen individualisierter Inspiration und prozeduraler Legitimation. Zur Entwicklung qualitativer und interpretativer Sozialforschung in der deutschen und französischen Soziologie seit den 1960er Jahren. [Abstract]

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