Historical Social Research

43.4 - Challenged Elites - Elites as Challengers

Special Issue: Challenged Elites – Elites as Challengers. The Impact of Civil Activism, Populism and the Economic Crisis on Elite Structures, Orientations and Agendas (ed. Heinrich Best, Ursula Hoffmann-Lange, Hans-Dieter Klingemann & Peter Rutland)
  • Heinrich Best & Ursula Hoffmann-Lange: Challenged Elites – Elites as Challengers. Towards a Unified Theory of Representative Elites. [Abstract]
  • Maurizio Cotta: Vulnerability, Resilience, and Responses: The European Elites System under a Prolonged Crisis. [Abstract]
  • Farida Jalalzai & Meg Rincker: Blood is Thicker than Water: Family Ties to Political Power Worldwide. [Abstract]
  • Elena Semenova: Corporate Recruitment and Networks in Germany: Change, Stability, or Both? [Abstract]
  • Jérôme Heurtaux: Elites and Revolution: Political Relegation and Reintegration of Former Senior Government Officials in Tunisia. [Abstract]
  • Trygve Gulbrandsen: Continued Elite Support for the Norwegian Version of the Nordic Model? [Abstract]
  • Oxana Gaman-Golutvina: Political Elites in the USA under George W. Bush and Barack Obama: Structure and International Politics. [Abstract]
  • Hans-Dieter Klingemann & Ursula Hoffmann-Lange: The Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on Support for Democracy. [Abstract]
  • Ursula Hoffmann-Lange: Parliamentarians’ Evaluations of the Global Economic Crisis. [Abstract]
  • Hans-Dieter Klingemann: The Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on Patterns of Support for Democracy in Germany. [Abstract]
  • Patrik Öhberg: Not all Crises are Detrimental for the Government. The Global Economic Crisis and the Swedish Case. [Abstract]
  • Radosław Markowski & Agnieszka Kwiatkowska: The Political Impact of the Global Economic Crisis in Poland: Delayed and Indirect Effects. [Abstract]
  • Sang-Jin Han & Young-Hee Shim: The Global Economic Crisis, Dual Polarization, and Liberal Democracy in South Korea. [Abstract]
  • Yilmaz Esmer & Bahar Ayça Okçuoğlu: Dimensions of Political Representation: Ideological and Policy Congruence between the Representative and the Represented in Seven Countries. [Abstract]
Mixed Issue
  • Arianna Ciula, Øyvind Eide, Cristina Marras & Patrick Sahle: Models and Modelling between Digital and Humanities. Remarks from a Multidisciplinary Perspective. [Abstract]