Historical Social Research

Suppl. 32 - Celebrity's Histories

Celebrity’s Histories: Case Studies & Critical Perspectives (Robert van Krieken & Nicola Vinovrški)
  • Nicola Vinovrški & Robert van Krieken: New Directions in the History of Celebrity: Case Studies and Critical Perspectives. [abstract]
  • Antoine Lilti & Alice Le Goff: On Figures Publiques: L’Invention de la Célébrité (1750-1850): Mechanisms of Celebrity and Social Esteem. [abstract]
  • Chris Rojek: The Two Bodies of Achieved Celebrity. [abstract]
  • Jennifer Holl: "The wonder of his time": Richard Tarlton and the Dynamics of Early Modern Theatrical Celebrity. [abstract]
  • Brian Cowan: Histories of Celebrity in Post-Revolutionary England. [abstract]
  • Nicola Vinovrški: Casanova: A Case Study of Celebrity in 18th Century Europe. [abstract]
  • David Worrall: Edmund Kean’s Celebrity: Assemblage Theory and the Unintended Consequences of Audience Density. [abstract]
  • Jeffrey Kahan: Bettymania and the Death of Celebrity Culture. [abstract]
  • Simon Morgan: Heroes in the Age of Celebrity: Lafayette, Kossuth, and John Bright in 19th-Century America. [abstract]
  • Neil Washbourne: W.G. Grace: Sporting Superstar, Cultural Celebrity, and Hero (to Oscar Wilde’s Villain) of the Great Public Drama of 1895. [abstract]