Historical Social Research

45.1 - Emotion, Authority, and National Character

Special Issue – Emotion, Authority, and National Character: Historical-Processual Perspectives
  • Helmut Kuzmics, Dieter Reicher & Jason Hughes: State, Emotion, Authority, and National Habitus. State-Related Problems of Our Time and Methodological Discourses in Sociology and Historical Sociology. [abstract]
The Middle East
  • Behrouz Alikhani: Processes of the State and Habitus Formation in Iran in the 19th and early 20th Centuries: The Socio- and Psychogenesis of the Constitutional Revolution in 1906. [abstract]
  • Onur Kınlı & İrem Özgören Kınlı: Is Every Turk Born a Soldier? A Historical-Processual Analysis. [abstract]
  • Gad Yair: The Uncanny: How Cultural Trauma Trumps Reason in German Israeli Scientific Collaborations. [abstract]
East Central and Southeastern Europe
  • Nicolas Demertzis & Hara Stratoudaki: Greek Nationalism as a Case of Political Religion: Rituals and Sentimentality. [abstract]
  • Miklós Hadas: The Culture of Distrust. On the Hungarian National Habitus. [abstract]
  • Marta Bucholc: Schengen and the Rosary: Catholic Religion and the Postcolonial Syndrome in Polish National Habitus. [abstract]
Western and Central Europe
  • Lars Bo Kaspersen: The Creation of Modern Denmark – A Figurational Analysis. [abstract]
  • Dieter Reicher: Nationalistic German Gymnastic Movements and Modern Sports. Culture between Identity and Habitus. [abstract]
  • Steven Loyal & Stephen Quilley: State Formation, Habitus, and National Character: Elias, Bourdieu, Polanyi, and Gellner and the Case of Asylum Seekers in Ireland. [abstract]
  • Michael Dunning & Jason Hughes: Power, Habitus, and National Character: The Figurational Dynamics of Brexit. [abstract]
Other Regions
  • Akira Ohira: The Sociological Analysis of Ekiden, Japan’s Long-Distance Relay Road Race. [abstract]
  • Stephen Mennell: Power, Individualism, and Collective Self Perception in the USA. [abstract]