Historical Social Research

45.2 - Military and Welfare State

Special Issue – Military and Welfare State: Conscription, Military Interests, and Western Welfare States in the Age of Industrialized Mass Warfare (Herbert Obinger)
  • Herbert Obinger: Conscription, the Military, and Welfare State Development: An Introduction. [abstract]
  • Nikolas Dörr, Lukas Grawe & Herbert Obinger: The Military Origins of Labor Protection Legislation in Imperial Germany. [abstract]
  • Nikolas Dörr: “As far as Numbers are concerned, we are beaten” Finis Galliae and the Nexus between Fears of Depopulation, Welfare Reform, and the Military in France during the Third Republic, 1870-1940. [abstract]
  • Delia González de Reufels: Health, Education, and General Conscription: Chilean Social Policy and the Military in the Second Half of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century. [abstract]
  • Lukas Grawe: The Influence of Military Considerations on the 1869 Reichsvolksschulgesetz in Imperial Austria. [abstract]
  • Klaus Petersen: The Welfare Defence: Military Security and Social Welfare in Denmark from 1848 to the Cold War. [abstract]
  • Pierluigi Pironti: Warfare to Welfare: World War I and the Development of Social Legislation in Italy. [abstract]
  • Carina Schmitt: The Warfare – Welfare Nexus in French African Colonies in the Course of the First and Second World War. [abstract]
  • Olivier Burtin: The History of Veterans’ Policy in the United States: A Comparative Overview. [abstract]
Mixed Issue
  • Hubert Knoblauch & Martina Löw: The Re-Figuration of Spaces and Refigured Modernity – Concept and Diagnosis. [abstract]
  • Cas Wouters: Have Civilising Processes Changed Direction? Informalisation, Functional Democratisation, and Globalisation.[abstract]