45.4 - Violence Induced Mobility

Special Issue – Negotiating the Aftermath of Violence Induced Mobility in the Wake of the Second World War. Rethinking Sources, Methods and Approaches from the Intersection of War and Migration Studies in the Digital Age (Christoph Rass & Ismee Tames)
  • Christoph Rass & Ismee Tames: Negotiating the Aftermath of Forced Migration: A View from the Intersection of War and Migration Studies in the Digital Age. [Abstract]
  • Henning Borggräfe: Exploring Pathways of (Forced) Migration, Resettlement Structures, and Displaced Persons’ Agency: Document Holdings and Research Potentials of the Arolsen Archives. [Abstract]
  • Filip Strubbe: A Straightforward Journey? Discovering Belgium’s Refugee Policy through Its Central Government Archives (1945-1957). [Abstract]
  • Frank Wolff: Beyond Genocide: How Refugee Agency Preserves Knowledge During Violence-Induced Migration. [Abstract]
  • Peter Romijn: “Beyond the Horizon”: Disconnections in Indonesian War of Independence. [Abstract]
  • Regina Grüter & Anne van Mourik: Dutch Repatriation from the Former Third Reich and the Soviet Union: Political and Organizational Encounters and the Role of the Netherlands Red Cross. [Abstract]
  • Jannis Panagiotidis: “Not the Concern of the Organization?” The IRO and the Overseas Resettlement of Ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe after World War II. [Abstract]
  • Sebastian Huhn: Negotiating Resettlement in Venezuela after World War II: An Exploration. [Abstract]
  • Christian Höschler: “Those People Who Actually Do the Job…” Unaccompanied Children, Relief Workers, and the Struggle of Implementing Humanitarian Policy in Postwar Germany. [Abstract]
  • Edwin Klijn: From Paper to Digital Trail: Collections on the Semantic Web. [Abstract]
  • Olaf Berg: Capturing Displaced Persons’ Agency by Modelling Their Life Events: A Mixed Method Digital Humanities Approach. [Abstract]
  • Peter Gatrell: “Negotiating Resettlement”: Some Concluding Thoughts. [Abstract]
Mixed Issue