46.3 - Borders as Places of Control

Special Issue – Borders as Places of Control. Fixing, Shifting, and Reinventing State Borders. (Fabian Gülzau, Steffen Mau & Kristina Korte)
  • Fabian Gülzau & Steffen Mau: Walls, Barriers, Checkpoints, Landmarks, and “No-Man’s-Land.” A Quantitative Typology of Border Control Infrastructure. [Abstract]
  • Kristina Korte: Filtering or Blocking Mobility? Inequalities, Marginalization, and Power Relations at Fortified Borders. [Abstract]
  • Lena Laube: Diplomatic Side-Effects of the EU’s Externalization of Border Control and the Emerging Role of “Transit States” in Migration Diplomacy. [Abstract]
  • Ruben Zaiotti & Nafisa A. Abdulhamid: Inside Out and Outside In: COVID-19 and the Reconfiguration of Europe’s External Border Controls. [Abstract]
  • Ayelet Shachar & Aaqib Mahmood: The Body as the Border: A New Era. [Abstract]
  • Nina Amelung: “Crimmigration Control” across Borders: The Convergence of Migration and Crime Control through Transnational Biometric Databases. [Abstract]
  • Vladimir Kolosov & Maria Zotova: “De-Facto Borders” as a Mirror of Sovereignty. The Case of the Post-Soviet Non-Recognized States. [Abstract]
  • Sabine von Löwis & Gwendolyn Sasse: A Border Regime in the Making? The Case of the Contact Line in Ukraine. [Abstract] [Online Appendix]
Mixed Contribution