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47.4 - Infrastructures and Ecology

Special Issue– Ruptures, Transformations, Continuities. Rethinking Infrastructures and Ecology. (Philipp Degens, Iris Hilbrich & Sarah Lenz)
  • Sheila Jasanoff: Spaceship or Stewardship: Imaginaries of Sustainability in the Information Age. [abstract]
  • Dominic Boyer: Infrastructural Futures in the Ecological Emergency: Gray, Green, and Revolutionary. [abstract]
  • Simone Schiller-Merkens: Social Transformation through Prefiguration? A Multi-Political Approach of Prefiguring Alternative Infrastructures. [abstract]
  • Cristina Besio, Nadine Arnold & Dzifa Ametowobla: Participatory Organizations as Infrastructures of Sustainability? The Case of Energy Cooperatives and Their Ways for Increasing Influence. [abstract]
  • Giacomo Bazzani: Money Infrastructure for Solidarity and Sustainability. [abstract]
  • Jonas van der Straeten: Sustainability’s “Other”: Coming to Terms with the Electric Rickshaw in Bangladesh. [abstract]
  • Mathilda Rosengren: When Infrastructures and Ecological Actors Meet: Resituating “Green” Infrastructures through the History of the Willow Tree. [abstract]
  • Bronislaw Szerszynski: Infrastructuring as a Planetary Phenomenon: Timescale Separation and Causal Closure in More-Than-Human Systems. [abstract]
  • Stephen C. Slota & Elliott Hauser: Inverting Ecological Infrastructures: How Temporality Structures the Work of Sustainability. [abstract]
  • Lisa Suckert & Timur Ergen: Contested Futures: Reimagining Energy Infrastructures in the First Oil Crisis. [abstract]
  • Vincent Gengnagel & Katharina Zimmermann: The European Green Deal as a Moonshot – Caring for a Climate-Neutral Yet Prospering Continent? [abstract]
  • Jonathan Symons & Simon Friederich: Tensions Within Energy Justice: When Global Energy Governance Amplifies Inequality. [abstract]
  • Peter Wagner: Frontiers of Modernity: Infrastructures and Socio-Ecological Transformations. [abstract]