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HSR Vol. 38 (2013) No. 2: Focus I

Henning Salling Olesen (Ed.): Cultural Analysis & In-Depth Hermeneutics – Psycho-Societal Analysis of Everyday Life Culture, Interaction, and Learning

This HSR Focus presents a psycho-societal approach to qualitative empirical research in several areas of everyday social life. It is an approach which integrates a theory of subjectivity and an interpretation methodology integrating hermeneutic experiences from text analysis and psychoanalysis. Its particular focus is on subjectivity – as an aspect of the research object and as an aspect of the research process. By the term "approach", the intrinsic connection between the theorizing of an empirical object and the reflection of the research process and the epistemic subject is indicated. Special attention is paid to Lorenzer's development of a materialistic socialization theory and the indepth hermeneutic cultural analysis. The psycho-societal approach owes a great deal to critical reformulations of each of these traditions, which will be touched upon in some of the articles and will be combined with a number of empirical studies of everyday life culture, social practice, and learning.