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HSR Vol. 38 (2013) No. 2: Focus II

Fumiya Onaka (Ed.): Aspects of Process Theories & Process-Oriented Methodologies in Historical and Comparative Sociology

This HSR Focus discusses the relation between “process-oriented data” and theories, focusing on historical and comparative sociology. The term “process-oriented” has recently been gaining importance in various human and social science disciplines, in addition to the traditional focus on “process” in political science, law, biology, psychology, and philosophy. The process-oriented approach has been related to various theories, but it has been unclear which theories fit this type of data. The five contributions in this HSR Focus therefore examine the merits and demerits of these theories from the viewpoint of process-generated data covering theories as diverse as Path-Dependency Theory, Assemblage/Minoritarian Theory, Communication Process Theory, Nationalization/Symbolic Media Theory and Socio-Cultural Network Theory.