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Eduardo Andrés Vizer & Helenice Carvalho: Socioanalysis: A Communicational Research Device for Social Intervention [Abstract]

This paper presents a socio-communicative device for research, diagnosis and intervention in communities and organizations. It submits theoretical propositions and categories of analysis for ongoing research and diagnosis of organizational and community issues and problems, as well as the development of programs for intervention in institutions, community development, information programs, educational and health projects, conflict solving, governance and social participation, communications and promotion of social capital. We consider the indispensable realization of interdisciplinary research associating social practices to communication processes and vice versa. Communication processes are also the fundamental interaction devices through which human practices reproduce social relations, promoting and reorganizing the self-reproduction of a social system. In order to help collectives such as communities, institutions, social and economic organizations to build better environments, better working and living conditions, social research needs to integrate communication and information processes to the diagnosis and design of social programs.