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Jürgen W. Falter: The Young Membership of the NSDAP between 1925 and 1933. A Demographic and Social Profile [1996]

»Jugend-Mitgliedschaft der NSDAP zwischen 1925 und 1933. Ein demographisches und soziales Profil«. This article considers the youthful composition of the NSDAP between 1925 and 1933. This article not only challenges Michael Kater’s previous analyses on the young party by finding the average age of members in the early years of the party to be younger than previously thought, but also examines information about the young recruits including: age, regional background, religious denomination and occupation. While previous research has shown the NSDAP movement to be one of the middle class, this article finds that, amongst the young members, the skilled working class is more heavily represented, thus challenging many commonly held notions about the party membership. This article also takes into consideration the high turnover rate of the NSDAP, while also analyzing which members subsequently rejoined after leaving the party, a quite common phenomenon.