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Jürgen W. Falter: Die „Märzgefallenen“ von 1933. Neue Forschungs-ergebnisse zum sozialen Wandel innerhalb der NSDAP-Mitgliedschaft während der Machtergreifungsphase [1998]

»The ‘March Converts’ of 1933. New Research Results Concerning Social Change within NSDAP Membership during the Takeover Phase«. Certain is that the takeover by the National Socialists at the end of January 1933 led to the flood of applications for membership that year. The “Märzgefallenen”, as they have been cynically referred to as per party jargon, quickly came to represent a majority among party members. As a result, the NSDAP leadership began to question whether the party would remain one belonging to the cadres and elites, or whether it would become a de-politicized one of the masses. Observers today are all certain that the massive influx to the party fundamentally changed the social and intellectual makeup of the party. This article considers the development of party membership until 1933, specifically focusing on the social development of the party as a result of the “takeover”. The analysis in the article is supported by data from the central membership register of the NSDAP.