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Rainer Diaz-Bone, Die Performativität der Sozialforschung – Sozialforschung als Sozio-Epistemologie [Abstract]

From the standpoint of performativity theory and French epistemology the article offers a new perspective on the field of social research. The methods and methodologies of empirical social research are regarded as constituting not only the object of social research but sociology as a scientific discipline itself. Research methods and techniques have become socio-cognitive schemes of sociological scientific perception. Since the 1960s educational training in empirical social research has been forming an empirical disciplinary habitus. The contribution sketches out a social historical perspective on the contribution of social research to the co-construction of modern societies. Social scientific models of societies and sociological categories extend (through the institutions of social research) into societies where they coin social representations and ultimately the socio-cognition of society as a whole.