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Frane Adam & Matevž Tomšič, The Dynamics of Elites and the Type of Capitalism: Slovenian Exceptionalism? [Abstract]

The configuration of elites, i.e. relationships between different factions of the political elite or between the political elite and other elites, along with the elite’s prevailing cultural patterns, exert a strong impact on the course of societal development. Therefore, in order to understand the transitional process in Slovenia, it is necessary to analyse the character of political elites its evolution and dynamics in terms of reproduction/circulation. The thesis is that the elite configuration and cultural profile decisively determined the selection of the particular model of socio-economic regulation and, consequently, the type of capitalism that was formed to replace the previous system. However, the changes and events connected with financial crisis and economic crisis after 2008 may indicate that entire architecture of Slovenian social corporatism in the framework of state (national) type of capitalism generated a sort of immobilismo and inability to execute the necessary reforms.