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Albrecht Hoppe & Rudolf Stöber: Amtspresse in Preußen. Zur Erschließung der Provinzial-Correspondenz und Neuesten Mittheilungen. [Abstract]

The paper describes the internet project “Digitalisation of Prussia’s official press”. It was funded by the DFG. The project deals with the “Provinzial-Correspondenz” (PC, 1863-1884) and the “Neueste Mittheilungen” (NM, 1882-1994). Both papers were founded in an immense political crisis; both papers were important propagandistic instruments of Otto von Bismarck. The project enables access to a central source material of the late 19th century. It works on commentaries for subjects, persons and locations. Condensed abstracts offer surveys for both correspondences. A systematic index provides navigation from topic to topic.