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Abdelhalim Hafedh Dahou has recently joined the FAIR Data and Human Information Interaction Team at GESIS as a PhD student, where he is focusing on research in several areas including information extraction, deep learning, natural language processing, resources construction, and social media data mining.

Abdelhalim completed his Bachelor degree in computer science from the University of Ahmed Draia, Adrar, Algeria in 2017. During his studies, he implemented an algorithm for optimizing sensor networks. Later, in 2019, he received his Master degree in computer science and Intelligent Systems from the same university. For his master's thesis, he developed a system and corpus to solve the anaphora problem in Arabic language, dealing with pronominal and verbal types using a computational technique.

After completing his master's degree, Abdelhalim pursued another Master's degree, this time specializing in NLP at the IDMC in the University of Lorraine, France. He also completed an internship at ATILF laboratory, which specializes in linguistics and language studies. During his internship, he worked on the identification of discourse markers in French spoken corpora using deep learning approaches and pre-trained models such as CamemBERT and FlauBERT.

Currently, Abdelhalim is working as a volunteer with the NLP lab in the University of Ahmed Draia, where he is focusing on Arabic natural language processing. Specifically, he is working on several applications, including fake news detection, sentiment analysis, text normalization, named entity recognition, and resource construction.

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Beitrag im Sammelwerk

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