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Younes, Yousef. 2019. "On Quantum Implication." Quantum Machine Intelligence .

Younes, Yousef. 2014. "A New Approach to Perform Regression Using Minimum Bounding Geometry." Journal of Computer Sciences and Applications.

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Beitrag im Sammelwerk

Younes, Yousef, and Brigitte Mathiak. 2023. "Handling Class Imbalance when Detecting Dataset Mentions with Pre-trained Language Models." In Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing (ICNLSP),

Younes, Yousef, Sebastian Tiesler, Robert Jäschke, and Brigitte Mathiak. 2023. "Where are the Datasets? A case study on the German Academic Web Archive." In Proceedings of the Web Archiving and Digital Libraries Workshop at JCDL,

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Arbeits- und Diskussionspapier

Limani, Fidan, Yousef Younes, Valentina Hiseni, Janete Saldanha Bach Estevao, Peter Mutschke, and Brigitte Mathiak. 2021. KonsortSWD Task Area 5 Measure 2 Report Scope: Milestones 1, 2, and 3.


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Younes, Yousef, Brigitte Mathiak, and Fidan Limani. 2021. "Keywords for Data Discovery." Open Science Fair Lightning Talk, Online, 2021-09-21.