Ameni Sahraoui

Dr. Ameni Sahraoui Kacem

Abteilung Wissenstechnologien für Sozialwissenschaften
Team Portale Mehrwertdienste

Unter Sachsenhausen 6-8

Tel.:+49 (221) 47694-229
Fax:+49 (221) 47694-199


Dr. Ameni (Kacem) Sahraoui is a research associate at the GESIS department Knowledge Technologies for the Social Sciences (WTS) since March 2017. She holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Toulouse, France (in a joint program with the University of Tunis, Tunisia). Her Ph.D. work was related to the information retrieval (IR) field, and more precisely the personalized IR. Her thesis main goal consisted in proposing a time-sensitive user profile and in adapting search results accordingly. The user profile information was implicitly collected from his browsing history and his interactions on social media systems. Based on a vector representation, she proposed a temporal weight that enhances recent interactions compared to old ones. She also did teaching activities in different universities and different subjects related to the computer science field.
She is interested in information retrieval, personalized search, interactive information retrieval, digital libraries, user profiling, social media, session search enhancement, user context, user behavior....


Working on AMUR project, I try to analyze the user behavior and his interactions in the sowiport digital library. In fact, this project aims at proactively improving the user experience based on his previous search history.
To improve the user experience and the search system functionalities, many tasks have been considered:
  • Analyzing the user's behavior,
  • Investigating the user's interactions towards search sessions,
  • Exploring successful sessions (sessions containing positive interactions).

Beitrag im Sammelwerk

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