Sebastian Sterl

Sebastian Sterl

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From 2009 to 2017, Sebastian Sterl studied Sociology, Economics and Management Science at the University of Leipzig. His master thesis (in cooperation with Marc Graupner) deals with the influence of the social network site facebook on educational participation and consumer behaviour. Data was collected through a self-conducted survey and compared with theoretically derived hypotheses. Mr Sterl’s bachelor thesis in Economics and Management Science is about determinants of income compared between persons with or without any migration status using the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP). During his studies, he was focusing on quantitative methods of social research including statistics and econometric analysis. His theoretical priorities are family sociology, criminology, rational choice, and social-psychology. In addition to studying he was working for the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies for five years. Furthermore, he assisted at the Institute of Sociology and Institute of Empirical Economic Research in Leipzig. He gained some further experience at the Institute of Psychology in Leipzig, GESIS – Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences Mannheim (Department of Survey Design and Methodology) and the National Foundation for Educational Research (Centre for Statistics) in Slough, UK. While studying Economics and Management Science he was a member of a student business consultancy and acted as business intelligence analyst in a startup company. Before being employed at GESIS Cologne (Department Data Archive for the Social Sciences) Mr Sterl was working in a project called “Online Self-Assessment for the Faculty of Economics and Management Science” at Leipzig University for one year. At GESIS Cologne, he is a part of the DFG-funded project “Harmonizing and Synthesizing Partnership Histories from Different Research Data Infrastructures” under the direction of Dr Sonja Schulz and Dr Bernd Weiß. Mr Sterl intends to do a PhD within this project. His doctoral work will be conducted within this area of expertise.               



Mr Sterl is responsible for both data research and access to longitudinal datasets focused on analysing partnership histories. Also, he takes care of preparing data including cumulating data and harmonising variables. The results of this research will be a data infrastructure available online.


His research interests are focused on family sociology, criminology, rational choice theory and social psychology in general. Mr Sterl pursues his research goals by using quantitative methods of social research, statistics and econometric analyses. To widen his academic horizon, he has worked on other projects like studying voting behavior, especially political knowledge of German students (in cooperation with Holm-Uwe Burgemann). He has also analysed data through self-created online surveys including questionnaires. Mr Sterl is an empirical social scientist being in favor of a mixed method approach.  


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