Anna-Carolina Haensch

Anna-Carolina Haensch M. Sc.

Survey Design and Methodology

L13 9
68159 Mannheim

+49 (0621) 1246 - 553
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Anna-Carolina Haensch received a Bachelor Degree in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Munich (LMU) and a Master in Survey Statistics at the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg with a focus on missing data and Multiple Imputation. During her studies, she worked as a student assistant and tutor at the Chair of Empirical Political Research and Policy Analysis at the LMU Munich, as well as a student assistant at the Leibniz-Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi e.V.) in Bamberg. She wrote her Master thesis at the Institute for Employment Research (Statistical Methods Centre, Head of Department: Frauke Kreuter).  

Since October 2017, Anna-Carolina Haensch is a researcher at the GESIS Institute, where she works on the DFG funded project “HaSpaD - Harmonizing and synthesizing partnership histories from different research data infrastructures. A model project for linking research data from various infrastructures”. She also enjoys teaching courses on quantitative research methods at the University of Mannheim.

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I am primarily interested in missing data, Multiple Imputation and Nonresponse Bias as well as Sensitivity Analysis. At the moment, I am working on different approaches for imputing covariates for time-discrete survival models. Through the HaSpaD Project, I have written a paper on the combination of IPD Meta-Analysis and Survey Weights.  I am also very interested in analyzing Big Data in the Social Sciences.   

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Kreitzscheck, Mathis, and Anna-Carolina Haensch. 2019. "Klopfet an, so wird euch aufgetan?: Teilnahmeverweigerung und Nonresponse Bias in der fünften Kirchenmitgliedschaftsuntersuchung." Praktische Theologie 54 (1): 43-51.

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Haensch, Anna-Carolina. 2016. "Armutsgefährdung in Berlin und Brandenburg 2014: Eine Analyse nach Lebensformen und Risikolagen." In Zeitschrift für amtliche Statistik Berlin Brandenburg, 10 1, 36-41.

Haensch, Anna-Carolina. 2014. "Die Effekte von Koalitionspräferenzen und -erwartungen auf Wahlentscheidungen in Verhätniswahlsystemen: Bachelorarbeit." Münchener Beiträge zur Politikwissenschaft.


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Sterl, Sebastian, Sonja Schulz, Anna-Carolina Haensch, and Bernd Weiß. 2018. "The Whole is More than the Sum of its Parts: Studying Relationship Stability and Social Change by Pooling and Harmonizing Research Data from Various Infrastructures." 6th International pairfam Conference Innovations in Panel Data Methods Munich, June 28-29, 2018 , 29.06.2018.


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