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Lechner, Clemens, Jens Bender, Naemi Brandt, and Beatrice Rammstedt. 2021. "Two forms of social inequality in students’ socio-emotional skills: Do the levels of Big Five personality traits and their associations with academic achievement depend on parental socio-economic status?." Frontiers in Psychology 12 (21 July 2021): 679438. doi:


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Thornton, Nina, Anouk Zabal, Juan Antonio Carchano Lopez, Valentina Gualtieri, Kelly Daley, Jens Bender, Manuela Amendola, Manuela Bonacci, and Simona Mineo. 2021. "Virtual interviewer training in an international large-scale assessment." WAPOR 74th annual conference. Speaking truth to power: Public opinion in a time of crisis, online, 04.11.2021.