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Dr. Alvanides is a social geographer, with expertise in quantitative methods and Geographical Information Systems and Science. His research and teaching interests involve the analysis of large spatial data related to urban sprawl, land use change, health inequalities and active transport (walking and cycling). The substantive question driving his research is to what extent the environment (broadly defined) influences individual behaviours and outcomes. Seraphim is an advocate of open data and open source software for scientific research and dissemination.

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Editor (2020-...) E&P B: Urban Analytics & City Science (SAGE)
Associate Editor (2021-...) Heliyon Environment (Elsevier)
Editorial Board  (2018-...) Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy (Springer)
Editorial Board (2018-...) Social Sciences & Humanities Open (Elsevier)
Editorial Board  (2019-...) Urban Planning (Cogitatio Open Access)
Editorial Board (2020-...) Journal of Transport & Health (Elsevier)
Associate Editor (2013-20) Journal of Transport & Health (Elsevier)

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Buchstaller, Isabelle, and S. Alvanides. 2019. "Investigating the bilingual landscape of the Marshall Islands." edited by Martin Pütz , and Neele Mundt, doi:

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