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Nina Smirnova is a research associate at the department Knowledge Technologies for the Social Sciences (KTS) in team Information & Data Retrieval. She graduated from the University of Bonn with a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics. Her spheres of interest lie in the fields of computational linguistics and data science. She is strongly interested and have an expertise in Natural Language Processing, more specifically in Information Extraction and Classification, and Machine Learning.



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Smirnova, Nina, and Philipp Mayr. 2022. "Evaluation of Embedding Models for Automatic Extraction and Classification of Acknowledged Entities in Scientific Documents." In Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Extraction and Evaluation of Knowledge Entities from Scientific Documents (EEKE 2022) , edited by Chengzhi Zhang, Philipp Mayr, Wei Lu, and Yi Zhang, 48-55. Aachen: CEUR.


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Smirnova, Nina. 2023. "Embedding Models for Supervised Automatic Extraction and Classification of Named Entities in Scientific Acknowledgements." NLP-2023, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw , 2023-10-11.