Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe:
"The State of the Art and Future Perspectives"
e-Frame Workshop

Villa Vigoni, March 13-15, 2013

Wednesday, March 13

AfternoonArrival of participants

Dinner and Welcome by
Prof. Dr. Immacolata Amodeo, Secretary General of Villa Vigoni

Thursday, Morning, March 14

Opening of the Conference
Session I: Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe – Expectations and Achievements (Chair: Heinz-Herbert Noll, GESIS, Mannheim)
09:30-10:30Heinz-Herbert Noll (GESIS, Mannheim)Introduction to the Workshoppresentation (513 kB)
Egbert Holthuis (European Commission, Brussels)Social Monitoring and Reporting: Expectations, Achievements & Shortcomings – A Policy Makers Viewpresentation (1,07 MB)
10:30Coffee Break
Session II: Social Monitoring and Reporting at the European Level (Chair: Heinz-Herbert Noll, GESIS, Mannheim)

Isabelle Engsted-Maquet (European Commission, BrusselsSocial Monitoring and Reporting Activities by the European Commissionpresentation (1,56 MB)
Marco Mira d’Ercole (OECD, Paris)Social Monitoring and Reporting Activities at the OECDpresentation (645 kB)
Tadas Leoncikas (Eurofound, Dublin)Eurofound’s Social Monitoring and Reporting Activitiespresentation (3,89 MB)
Jan-Pieter Smits & Rutger Hoekstra (Statistics Netherlands, The Hague)Monitoring Sustainability in Europepresentation (318 kB)
General Discussion

Thursday, Afternoon, March 14

Session III: Social Monitoring and Reporting at National Level in Different Parts of Europe (Chair: Jürgen Kohl, University of Heidelberg)

Orsolya Lelkes (European Centre, Vienna)Social Monitoring and Reporting in Eastern Europepresentation (1,27 MB)
Ulla Rosenström (Prime Minister’s Office, Helsinki)Social Monitoring and Reporting in the Nordic Countriespresentation (360 kB)
Jeroen Boelhouwer (SCP, The Hague) & Heinz-Herbert Noll (GESIS, Mannheim)Social Monitoring and Reporting in Western and Central Europepresentation (875 kB)
Carla Collicelli (Censis, Rome)Social Monitoring and Reporting in Southern Europepresentation (2,00 MB)
16:15Coffee Break
Session IV: Different Actors and Approaches of National Social Monitoring and Reporting – Pros and Cons (Chair: Carla Collicelli, Censis, Rome)

Stephen Hicks (ONS, Newport)Social Monitoring and Reporting – The Role of Official Statisticspresentation (1,01 MB)
Christian Suter (University of Neuchatel)Social Monitoring and Reporting – The Role of Academic Research and Think Tankspresentation (260 kB)
Ulrich Bieber (Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Bonn)Social Monitoring and Reporting – The Role of Governmentspresentation (569 kB)

Friday, Morning, March 15

Session V: Social Monitoring and Reporting: New Activities (Chair: Eduardo Bericat, University Seville)

Dionyssis Balourdos (National Centre for Social Research, Athens)The Social Portrait of Greecepresentation (1,52 MB)
Adolfo Morrone (ISTAT, Rome)Equitable and Sustainable Well-being in Italy - First Resultspresentation (1,20 MB)
Session VI: Wrapping Up and Looking Forward (Chair: Heinz-Herbert Noll, GESIS, Mannheim)
09:45-10:45Discussion: The State and Future of Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe: Suggestions for a Research and/or Policy Agenda
10:45Coffee Break
11:15-11:45Session VI continued
11:45-12:30Discussion on Future Collaboration
13:00Lunch and Departure