Standards, Guidelines and Quality Assurance for Gender Equality in Academia

Walksafe Chaperone Service

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg


Protection against sexual harassment

Students, Graduates / doctoral researchers, Postdoctoral researchers, (Junior) professors, Leadership positions, Research staff

No explicit subject

University of Göttingen

The Walksafe concept at Heidelberg University is designed to promote personal safety on the Neuenheimer Feld campus. A chaperone service is available to female students and staff members at the university and hospital in Neuenheimer Feld, a campus outside the centre of Heidelberg, during the hours of darkness. A member of the security staff will escort female students or employees from the laboratory or lecture hall to their car, bus stop or residence, free of charge. Employees and visitors to the university hospital can be accompanied by a security guard at the Head Clinic to their car, place of work, bus stop or residence, throughout the night.

The Walksafe flyer provides employees and students with the necessary points of contact and telephone numbers. As well as a plan of the university there is information about other services and what protective measures may be helpful for personal safety (e.g. self-defence or use of illuminated footpaths).

Heidelberg University


Equal Opportunity Officer

University of Göttingen
Safety on Campus
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