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der Sozialwissenschaften

Field work for ALLBUS 2020 postponed

Due to the infection control measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, conducting a survey based on in-person interviews has become infeasible in 2020. In consultation with the survey institute, GESIS has therefore decided to postpone the fieldwork for ALLBUS to protect both interviewers and survey participants.

Consequently, no new ALLBUS data will be published in 2020. The planned focus module on deviant behavior will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

English language documentation
of ALLBUS Cumulation 1980-2018


The latest version of the ALLBUS-Cumulation assembles all time series from the 21 regular ALLBUS cross-section surveys.
In addition to the original German version, data and documentation are now available in an English translation.

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Sample Data Illustration:

Importance of ‘maintaining law and order’ (va01)

Percentage of cases that assessed the item as most important or second most important political goal, tabulated by residence of respondents in Old or New Federal States (eastwest); weighted by transformation weight for household samples (wghtpt).