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The SSOAR team consistently endeavours to improve its services with the help of additional third-party-funded projects.

Document Deposit Assistant (DDA)

Duration: 01.09.2015 – 31.08.2017

Project management: Dr Agathe Gebert

Our aim in the DFG-funded project DDA is to offer our cooperation partners simplified delivery procedures and to make it easier for those institutions who do not have their own repositories or harvesting interfaces to make works available in open access by archiving them in an OA repository. The focus here is on the submission and processing of large numbers of documents that cannot be handled via a repository’s normal self-archiving form. The aim is automate submission as far as possible, and to make it as efficient as possible, by developing and operating an interactive self-archiving portal. This portal will enable scientific institutions and publishers to submit metadata and full texts in different data formats. It should be assumed that the data producers have little or no technical expertise. DDA will comprise two components: 

  • In a first step, it will be determined with the help of a software wizard (an interview-like assistant) what systems are in use at the submitting institution, whether web interfaces are available there, and what formats can be delivered. Depending on the responses given, possible delivery procedures will be offered.
  • In a second step, data formats (e.g., CSV files) and full texts will be uploaded; checked and, if necessary, corrected in consultation with, or with the help of, the submitting institution; converted; and imported into the open access repositories.

Chief developer and contact person: Gerrit Hübbers