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Standards, Guidelines and Quality Assurance for Gender Equality in Academia


The online portal StaRQ provides search tools and information on the topic of quality assurance of gender equality measures and serves as a virtual platform to promote exchange and networking.
On here, you can find further information on the project.

The portal was created by the Center of Excellence Women and Science (CEWS) as part of the BMBF-funded project "Standards, Guidelines and Quality Assurance for Gender Equality in Academia" (StaRQ), which conducts research on quality assurance of gender equality measures.

The portal will offer the following services in the next three years:

Project results

Summary of the relevant research literature and an overview of existing standards and guidelines. Research results of the project.


Information services

Compilation of networks and associations for specific gender equality measures, measures at the federal and federal state level as well as audits and certifications.



Search in the database with quality-assured models. Collection of new measures via the proposal form.



Answers to the key questions regarding content and technical issues in the context of INKA.         

Funding number: 01FP1901

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