Other surveys

In addition to surveys held in conjunction with elections, we also offer data collected at given intervals throughout the year. This includes the Politbarometer carried out by the Forschungsgruppe Wahlen for the ZDF (since 1977), the ARD-DeutschlandTREND (since 1998) as well as the Forsa-Bus (since 1991).

We now also offer surveys of the federal government.

Information on these databases can be found following the links above or via the GESIS search. All databases are available as cumulative data records each containing the interviews conducted in one year. The Politbarometer also offers a time-series for the West German states containing 80 main variables starting with the year 1977.

Latest Data

ARD-DeutschlandTrend now available from 1998 on.

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Beginning in 1997 the ARD-DeutschlandTREND is being conducted on behalf of the ARD (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland - First German Public Broadcasting Association) as well as various print media by Infratest dimap Gesellschaft für Trend- und Wahlforschung mbH. The Broadcasting Association and the print media use this monthly survey of about 1000 respondents per wave (about 1500 for party preferences) for their coverage of the current political opinion in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Since May 2009 the data of the DeutschlandTREND s available for scientific teaching and research. Infratest dimap cumulates the data for each year. GESIS then archives this data as well as the documentation and takes care of the dissemination.

The DeutschlandTREND is currently available as an annual cumulation form 1998 onwards.

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Surveys commissioned by the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government

The Press and Information Office of the Federal Government informs the general public as well as the media about the work of the Federal Government. Furthermore, the Office informs the Federal Government about the general state of affairs in Germany and the world.

The opinion research department of the Federal Press Office has the task to investigate and to document public opinion for the work of the Federal Government. For this task the department commissions on opinions, attitudes, and moods of the general public concerning current political issues, topics, and projects. Certain political areas and specific target groups are the basis for special studies. Opinion polls are an important aid for decision making of the Federal Government, because they reflect problems and activities which are of higher concern to the general public. Furthermore, they are an instrument for evaluating the release of political information.

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This program surveys public attitudes on a number of different political and social issues. Each day, about 500 voters are interviewed by telephone. Data can be accessed via the Archive’s Data Catalogue (DBK).

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