Eurobarometer Data Service

Eurobarometer Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is compiled in order to provide guidance with regard to several recurring questions concerning the Eurobarometer surveys and the Eurobarometer website at GESIS. If your question is not answered here, please contact us via eurobarometer-dataservice(at)gesis(dot)org

1. How can I access Eurobarometer microdata?

All Eurobarometer surveys are available through the GESIS Data Catalogue after a free-of-charge registration has been completed. For details on the access to Eurobarometer micro data please go here.

2. Where can I find Eurobarometer XY.Z/Flash Eurobarometer XYZ?

Please go here for links to the study profiles for all Standard and Special Eurobarometers and go here for an overview over all Flash Eurobarometers sorted by topic. Alternatively, you may use the database catalogue search for direct access to the files.

3. I have found a recently published report on the topic of X, but I could not find the microdata. When will these data become available?

There is no definite time schedule for the delivery of Eurobarometer micro data to the archive and for their release to the public. Usually this is the case about 6 to 12 months after fieldwork. New archive Eurobarometer data releases or updates are regularly announced through the Eurobarometer mailing list.

4. When was topic X fielded?

For overviews of the topics of the Standard and Special Eurobarometer Survey please refer to this link. Alternatively, you may consult this Excel file which links the Eurobarometer report titles with the corresponding surveys and database catalogue entries. 

5. When was question X last asked?

An overview of all repeated measures arranged by topics can be found here. Moreover, there is an online full text retrieval tool which helps to identify the appearance of questions over time.

6. Is there a trend file/cumulation of recent Eurobarometers?

Please go here for cumulative trend files available at GESIS. Unfortunately, more recent trend files are not available at present.

7. Is the Eurobarometer a longitudinal/panel survey?

The Eurobarometer is a series of cross-sectional surveys. For each round a completely new and independent sample is drawn. As a consequence, panel analyses in the strict sense are possible only for aggregated data. An overview of selected trends questions can be found here.

8. I only need aggregate figures. What are my options if I do not wish to use microdata?

- The ZACAT data portal at GESIS
- Variable reports (=codebooks, not available for pre-releases) with frequency counts by country (sample) for each survey are available on the respective study profile pages
- Reports of the European Commission
- The EC Open Data Portal provides access to Excel files containing results differentiated by country and sociodemographic variables
- The EC "Eurobarometer Interactive" portal provides results for selected trends over time and across countries

9. Where can I find a list of publications that are based on Eurobarometer analyses?

Please consult the Eurobarometer bibliography.

10. Where can I find information on the weights?

Information on weights in the Eurobarometer surveys can be accessed here.

11. How can I receive information on new microdata releases and other news?

New archive Eurobarometer data releases or updates are regularly announced through the Eurobarometer mailing list.