Data Transfer (Ingest)

Data can be transferred to GESIS in various ways. These depend on the amount of data and "sensitivity" of the data. All incoming data are subjected to an ingest check. When booking chargeable services, this also includes corrections and quality improvement. 

Transfer of data and documents to GESIS

Archiving BASIS Archiving PLUS / PREMIUM
Data and documents are transferred (uploaded) as part of the publication process via the repository software.  After concluding a service contract, data and documents can be transferred in the following ways: 

No secure means of transmission are e-mail attachments! 

Ingest check

The examination of all incoming data at GESIS is an essential part of long-term digital preservation. These incoming checks by our curators make the difference to pure repositories. Data depositors receive qualified feedback on data and documents and can thus improve the quality of their submissions. 

GESIS distinguishes between three levels in the entrance examination: 

  1. the BASIS examination, to which all data are subjected, 
  2. the PLUS examination, which is part of the Archiving PLUS service package and already includes format conversions and basic corrections, and 
  3. the PREMIUM examination, which is part of the Archiving PREMIUM service package and thus an in-depth quality control

Overview of ingest check levels (12.72 kB)