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Data Services

Further sources on research data management

Helpful sources for planning your research project systematically from the start:

Good documentation helps other researchers to better find and understand your research data:

  • Jedinger, A., O. Watteler, and A. Förster (2018). "Improving the quality of survey data documentation: A total survey error perspective." Data 3 (4): 45. doi:

To secure data and materials against loss, overwriting, etc., you will find information on data organisation and data security here:

In social science research, personal data usually also play a role. The persons concerned must be protected according to the law:

When sharing research data, some copyright aspects must be taken into account. A licence regulates the conditions for subsequent use:

Social science research is increasingly using data from social media and the web. There are a number of organisational, legal and ethical issues associated with this:

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  • Breuer, J., Bishop, L., & Kinder-Kurlanda, K. (2020). The practical and ethical challenges in acquiring and sharing digital trace data: Negotiating public-private partnerships. New Media & Society, 22(11), 2058–2080.
  • RatSWD [German Data Forum] (2020): Big data in social, behavioural, and economic sciences: Data access and research data management. RatSWD Output 4 (6). Berlin, German Data Forum (RatSWD).