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GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology

Out Now: Program of the GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology 2023

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► Courses will take place either at GESIS Cologne or online via Zoom.

► Please note that all online courses will be held live in Central European Summer Time (CEST) and will not be recorded.

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Join us for the 2023 edition of our Summer School in Survey Methodology and register for a one-week course in Cologne if you want to learn (more) about R, or if you want to enhance your skills in our advanced courses on survey design or questionnaire design. Perhaps you are interested in learning more about collecting and analyzing “big data” or social network data, or about causal inference using survey data, longitudinal surveys, or meta-analysis.

Our online courses offer virtual excursions into the world of (non-)probability samples and multiple imputation, thus completing the program of week-long courses for this year.

During the 12 hours of our online short courses, you can learn the basics of Stata, discover more about pretesting survey questions, or enhance your knowledge of mixed-mode surveys or DAGs.

We have been organizing a Summer School in Survey Methodology since 2012. Before the pandemic, all courses took place at GESIS in Cologne, Germany. In 2020, we added online learning opportunities to our program. Thus, lecturers and participants from all over the world and from many different fields can join us in Cologne or meet online to take part in Europe's leading summer school on survey methodology, research design, and data collection. 

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Why attend the Summer School in Survey Methodology?

At the Summer School in Survey Methodology you will

  • receive high quality training in state-of-the-art techniques and methods of survey research;
  • find courses that equip you with essential skills in how to design, plan, conduct, and document all kinds of surveys;
  • find courses that teach you how to analyze survey data;
  • find both courses that give a broad overview of survey methods and courses that intensively discuss special interest topics in survey research;
  • meet new people from different fields and from all over the world to network and discuss your research with.
Should you be unsure which course is the right one for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you!

Who should attend the Summer School in Survey Methodology?

The Summer School in Survey Methodology is perfect for you if you are an advanced graduate or PhD student, a post-doc, junior researcher, or survey professional from any relevant field, who:

  • is interested in improving their general knowledge and skills in survey methodology;
  • is planning to run their own survey or is working on a large-scale survey project;
  • wants to update their methodological expertise in specific areas of survey methodology;
  • wishes to engage in methodological research with survey data;
  • wants to better understand processes of data collection;
  • wants to learn how to assess data quality;
  • wants to learn how to properly analyze survey data.

A Look Back – GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology

A successful tradition has been continued for the eleventh time. See our recap 2022 with interesting features here.


Each course has specific prerequisites, which will be detailed on the course websites. In addition, all participants are expected to:

  • have basic knowledge of empirical research methods;
  • have a good command of English.