GESIS Training

Course Structure

At our virtual Summer Schools, short courses are three-day courses with a class time of 12 hours total. Short courses start either Wednesdays or Mondays.

One-week courses consist of either 24 or 30 hours total class time, distributed over five days. All one-week courses start on a Monday. Each day contains 5-6 hours of classes of which around 2-3 hours are tutorials or labs or exercises (details for each course are provided in the course descriptions).

All courses are full-day events. Courses start no earlier than 09:00 and no later than 11:00 CEST. Courses end no later than 18:00 CEST. Thus, participants can only register for one course per week!

Detailed schedules including time tables will be made availble by end of March or beginning of April over at