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ECTS Credits

The Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences/Center for Doctoral Studies in Social and Behavioral Sciences (CDSS) at the University of Mannheim acknowledges the workload for regular attendance, satisfactory work on daily assignments, and successful completion of an assignment in the form of a written paper with 4 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) points.

To obtain this document, participants...

  • in courses with 24 class hours per week are asked to submit a paper of 6,000 words.
  • in courses with 30 class hours per week are asked to submit a paper of 5,000 words.
  • are requested to agree with their lecturers on a topic and submit their paper/report by 15 October at the latest.

The document cannot be obtained for participation only.

Applicants are advised to contact their home institution to inquire about the recognition of ECTS points acknowledged by the University of Mannheim for regular attendance and the above-mentioned course workload. Note that you will be charged an administrative fee of 70 € per course to cover costs for marking by the teachers and additional administrative work by GESIS Training staff.

We do not offer such a document for short courses.

Every participant who has not missed more than 20% of course time is sent a certificate of participation by email shortly after the end of the course.