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German Microdata Lab

German Microdata Lab

The GML acts as an interface between empirical social research and official statistics. This includes close cooperation with official statistics on the development of microdata for empirical social research, as well as the contribution of content-related and methodological expertise to advisory boards and committees. The team's methodological and content-related research forms the basis for competent user advice and knowledge transfer.

Our service on official microdata is aimed at researchers who work or want to work with official data for their analyses. The service includes tools for data analysis, metadata and knowledge transfer (see below), but not the dissemination of official data. Data can be obtained from official statistics. However, it is possible to use a few old datasets as a guest researcher, at the GML. more...

In addition, we offer access to various weakly anonymised data in a saferoom within the framework of the IDAN network.

Our service is mostly free of charge for researchers. Participation fees may apply for workshops and conferences.

Ongoing GML research and information on the use of our services can be found in the GML annual report [in German only].

Service for microdata from official statistics

Instruments for Data Analysis

  • For preparing raw data (Setups)     
  • For the application of social science concepts (Tools)

Setups and Tools: Microcensus, EU-SILC, EU-LFS, etc.


Comprehensive metadata on German and EU official microdata are made available online via a database-driven Microdata Information System MISSY

Guest reasearcher

Here you can find detailed Information