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German Microdata Lab

The Gender Gap in Workplace Authority in a European Comparison

Researcher: Jeanette Bohr
Department: Data and Research on Society (DRS), German Microdata Lab
In cooperation with: Nadia Granato (Universität Mannheim, MZES)


Even though the proportion of female managers has increased in recent decades, women continue to be significantly less likely than men to hold managerial positions. This is not only true for Germany; the gender gap in leadership positions exists in all European countries, but varies from country to country. Empirically, it must be taken into account that leadership positions are more concentrated in certain labour market sectors, while at the same time a gender-specific segregation can be observed at the occupational level. Furthermore, it can be assumed that the unequal distribution of the labour force participation of female and male workers results in gender-specific differences in the chances of reaching a leading position. The aim of the project is to estimate the extent to which occupational opportunity structures and part-time employment contribute to the unequal distribution of leadership positions between highly qualified men and women in Europe.

Bohr, Jeanette und Nadia Granato (2019): The Gender Gap in Workplace Authority: The role of Occupational Opportunity Structures & Part-Time Employment in a European Comparison (Poster). Analytical Sociology: Theory and Empirical Applications, Venedig, 18.11.2019.