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International Social Survey Programme

Health and Health Care

The ISSP Health and Health Care module was conducted in 2011 and 2021.

The module deals with health related issues, such as self-reported health and well-being,  personal experiences with health care (barriers to treatment and regular care due to inability to pay, distance from services, no familiarity with medical system, etc.), confidence and trust in the health care system, relative importance placed on various health care fields (mental health, dental health, palliative care, health promotion, etc.), conventional (Western) vs. alternative medicine, health care regimes, and satisfaction with health care services.

Participating countries



Australia X  
Belgium/ Flanders X  
Belgium/ Wallonia X  
Bulgaria X  
Chile X  
China X  
Croatia X X
Czech Republic X X
Denmark X X
Finland X X
France X  
Germany X X
Great Britain X  
Greece   X
Iceland   X
Israel X X
Italy X X
Japan X X
Korea (South) X  
Lithuania X  
Netherlands X  
New Zealand   X
Norway X X
Philippines X X
Poland X X
Portugal X  
Russia X X
Slovakia X X
Slovenia X X
South Africa X  
Spain X  
Sweden X  
Switzerland X X
Taiwan X X
Thailand   X
Turkey X  
United States X