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International Social Survey Programme

ISSP 1987/1992/1999/2009/2019 Cumulation - “Social Inequality I-V” – ZA No.8790

Data Access

  • GESIS Data Catalogue: Cumulation data file ZA8790

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ISSP Research Group (2024). International Social Survey Programme: Social Inequality I-V Cumulation. GESIS, Cologne. ZA8790 Data file Version 1.0.0,

Participating countries

Participating countries 1987   1992   1999 2009 2019
Australia X X X X X
Austria X X X X X
Bulgaria   X X X X
Canada   X X    
Chile     X X X
Croatia       X X
Cyprus     X X  
Czech Republic   X** X X X
Denmark       X X
Finland       X X
France     X X X
Germany X* X X X X
Great Britain X X X X X
Hungary X X X X  
Iceland       X X
Israel     X X X
Italy X X   X X
Japan     X X X
Latvia     X X  
Lithuania       X X
New Zealand   X X X X
Norway   X X X X
Philippines   X X X X
Poland X X X X  
Portugal     X X  
Russia   X X X X
Slovakia   X** X X  
Slovenia   X X X X
South Africa       X X
Spain     X X  
Sweden   X X X X
Switzerland X     X X
Taiwan       X X
Venezuela       X X

*: In 1987 Germany was still divided in West and East Germany and only the Western part of Germany is part of the cumulation in this year.
**: In 1992 it was Czechoslovakia (CSFR) participating in the Social Inequality module. Since in 1993 Czechoslovakia split into Slovakia and Czech Republic, the data of 1992 was assigned to the respective regions of both countries.