WP 5: Development and Implementation of Innovative Measurement Instruments in the GESIS Panel

Working package 5 (WP5) further investigate selected aspects associated with the research questions of working packages 1-4. To this end, original data will be collected through the GESIS Panel.  

More specifically, a twofold strategy will be applied to address research gaps highlighted by working packages 1-4: On the one hand, WP5 will investigate the effect of different political and social phenomena on attitudes of the general population by implementing innovative survey experiments. On the other hand, the WP will field existing instruments in the GESIS Panel in to assess the effects of specific events on solidarity.

The GESIS Panel is ideally suited for this project as it allows the observation of changes within the same survey population over time. Furthermore, the dataset contains a wealth of additional information which can be taken into account in the project’s analyses.  

A total of four questionnaire modules will be implemented between August 2018 and December 2019. This means that each of the first four working packages will have the opportunity to field one module.  All collected data will be made available to the scientific community through the GESIS Data Archive.

Lead: Dr. Bernd Weiß
Associate: Dr. Steffen Pötzschke

Institute: GESIS