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Eurobarometer Data Service

The European Commission's Eurobarometer Surveys

Monitoring the public opinion in the European Union member and candidate countries is the mission
of the Eurobarometer programme, which comprises the following survey series or instruments:

The surveys are conducted on behalf of the European Commission and the responsible Directorate-General(s), particular modules are commissioned by the European Parliament. The survey results are regularly published in official reports by the European Commission or rather by the European Parliament.

The primary data on microdata level and the related documentation are placed at the disposal of the scientific community for research and training since the 1970s. They are curated at the GESIS Survey Data Curation department (formerly Data Archive department / Central Archive for Empirical Social Research) and at the Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). They are made available in the long term and worldwide for re-use in statistical analysis, i.a. in the context of the European social science data archive network (CESSDA).

Principal Investigator

A short Eurobarometer history


Reports, table volumes and research publications


Principal investigator, data collectors, data archives

Overview of participating countries, fieldwork dates/institutes, sample sizes and lowest available NUTS regions in all Standard, Special and Candidate Countries Eurobarometer [EXCEL file (289 kB)].

ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research) provides a mailing list in agreement with GESIS, in order to provide a venue for researchers to interact with each other and to increase communication between the archives and the Eurobarometer user community. The technical administration of this list is undertaken exclusively by the ICPSR.

The mailing list is not moderated and its value depends on the use made of it by the participants. In particular Eurobarometer related archive news is regularly circulated through the list, e.g. annoucements on new data releases.

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The Eurobarometer data service at GESIS is attended through
the Research Data Centre "International Survey Programs".