Eurobarometer Data Service

Standard & Special EB Study Profiles

The Eurobarometer surveys are named and identified by a continuous main wave number and dot-separated sub-numbers for each individual survey, if additional special (multi-)topical surveys were conducted. Please note that the consecutive numbering of the special topic reports is independent from the numbering of the corresponding individual survey. 

Usually only one survey per wave includes the standard and trend module with focus on general European Unification issues on behalf of the EC-DG Communication. The Standard Eurobarometer are not identified by a particular dot-separated survey sub-number.   

The Eurobarometer study profiles to be selected from the list provide basic tabular information on all Standard and Special Topic Eurobarometer.

Alternatively, these study profiles are grouped by subject categories:

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Overview and archive information

  • Special topic modules
  • Participating countries and fieldwork dates
  • Embargo provisions
  • Errata reporting
  • Versioning and release dates

Access to documentation and data

  • Study description (including DOI and version information, access to related documentation and data catalogue download)
  • Archive variable reports (codebooks) 
  • Basic bilingual questionnaires (English/French)
  • Country specific field questionnaires and split versions
  • Link to the online data portal ZACAT (variable level data and documentation, browsing, retrieval and analysis)  

 Publications and resources

  • Links to primary publications (mainly official EC reports)
  • Links to other European Commission web sites on related topics