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Eurobarometer Data Service

European Election Studies (EES)

Cumulative files 1989 and 1994

On occasion of European Elections the Eurobarometer regularly include questions on voting behaviour and related issues, resulting in comprehensive modules in the context of the 1989 and 1994 elections. In both cases the European Election Study Research Group, as co-responsible investigator, produced harmonized and cumulative data sets.

The special data release for the European Election Study 1994 consists of a survey conducted immediately after the European Parliament election in the framework of Eurobarometer 41.1 and a number of pertinent variables from the three related waves conducted before and after the elections.

This cumulative dataset offers wide opportunities for comparative and longitudinal analyses of voter behaviour and voter orientations. Longitudinal analysis are particularly supported by the fact that the 1994 study contents are overlapping with those of the European Election Study 1989, which was originally stored at the Steinmetz Archive in Amsterdam (DANS).

  • European Election Study 1989 (GESIS study ZA2320
  • European Election Study 1994 (GESIS study ZA2865)

Starting with the 1999 elections, the European Election Studies series is continued in a separate venture by the European Election Study Research Group, still with a large number of replicated questions, thus still permitting longitudinal comparisons. The Eurobarometer survey modules on European Elections 1999 ff. are conducted separately under exclusive responsibility of the European Commission.

For a general overview of available data sets and related resources, please see the corresponding GESIS data service page and the EES project homepage.