The Eurobarometer Survey Series

The Eurobarometer program was launched in the early 70ies as a bi-annual public opinion survey ("repeated cross-section") in all member states of the European Union on behalf of the European Commission. 

During the 90ies the program expanded considerably in topics, frequency and instruments. Special topical modules enlarged the classic Standard Eurobarometer, establishing (multi-)topical add-on surveys under each wave. The EU Eastern enlargement was anticipated by the Central & Eastern Eurobarometer (1990-1997), later replaced by the Candidate Countries Eurobarometer (2001-2004). The Flash-Eurobarometer completes the program with small scale ad-hoc surveys. Although not strictly a Eurobarometer survey, we also offer the European Parliament COVID-19 surveys collected in 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic.

For up-to-date “study profile” information on each individual survey (topics, coverage and fieldwork, dataset releases and errata, access to data, questionnaires and reports etc.), please look up the different survey series specifications:

The Eurobarometer in the GESIS data catalogue

All Eurobarometer study descriptions can also be retrieved from the GESIS Data Catalogue.

The data catalogue entries (study descriptions) also provide access to all available documents (basic and field questionaires, variable reports...) and to the analysis datasets, including the errata and version description and history. Via the data catalogue entry datasets are persistantly referenced by a Digital Object Identifiers (DOI).

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